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Increased delegate numbers by 46%


Peninsula run over 1,400 free health and safety seminars for businesses each year.

They needed help increasing their delegate numbers to drive new business.


We dug deep into their data and did some propensity modelling to find the most attractive businesses for Peninsula to target. And with over 1,400 events per year, it was clear they needed help with their production processes so it was more efficient and cost effective.

Gecko Tech custom built a marketing platform using our Gem software, that was fully loaded with their seminar assets. So, when the time came to promote a seminar, Peninsula could quickly create bespoke invitations and send them to targeted mailing lists via email and post. The platform improved brand consistency across their channels and gave them complete flexibility when seminars changed. With the platform linked to our Leeds print facility, the turnaround was quick and Peninsula made huge savings on print and mailing.


Delegate numbers increased by 46%. The average acquisition deal from each event rose by 22%.

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