Gecko’s proprietary Gem platform has been a work of passion for over 15 years. Our dedicated development team have lived and breathed our platform. They say that perfection takes time – we’ve taken our time. We consider ourselves pioneers in this area, with multiple successful deployments.

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Our Gem platform is modular, so you can pick the parts that are relevant to your campaign. You can benefit from one or all modules, built in to your own tailored console.

So what is your biggest challenge?

Chances are that one of our modules can help:

  1. Customer Acquisition

  2. Customer Retention

  3. Marketing Support


Partial address

A targeted acquisition mail tool allowing you to view where your current customers live, and target non-customers in the same street. A powerful mapping tool which delivers significantly improved ROI.

Door Drop

Reach prospects who fit your customer demographic, but at a postcode sector level. A powerful tool for acquiring new customers, but also for brand recognition (tests show that DM packs which follow targeted doordrop activity achieve up to 38% increase in response rates).

Direct Mail

Targeted, relevant and hyper personalised direct mail has made a dramatic comeback in recent years. A powerful tool in any marketers’ playbook.

Digital (Email, pURLS, SMS)

Multi channel communications that tracks a customer’s action both on and offline.


Customer engagement

Build you brand through our app based customer loyalty platform, which provides invaluable insights into customer spending patterns.


Send direct mail based on a customer’s web browsing history.


Marketing automation

Our automated marketing technology turns complex campaigns into simple, seamless communications that save you time and money.

Event management

Controlled and visible event management platform, from invites to attendance.

Brand control / marketing collateral

Control your brand over multiple locations – we call it local flexibility with central control.

Campaign management

Build and manage all your communications from one central command base.

Reporting Dashboard

View and track all your campaign results through our tailored dynamic results dashboard.

Stock management

Instantly manage stock levels, in real time, with automated alerts when items run low.

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