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How We Work

We understand your challenge

1. We understand your challenge

We start with you and your marketing challenges. We listen and learn, then propose a tailored solution that adds real value to your bottom line. We’re experts at customer retention and engagement campaigns.

We dig deep for data

2. We dig deep for data

We use your data to understand your customers. We clean it up, then profile and model your customer’s behaviour. This helps us ‘lose the longtail’ and focus your budget on the 20% we know will respond.

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We create relevance

3. We create relevance

This is the exciting bit. We create very specific, relevant messages and offers for each individual customer that we know will engage and encourage a response.

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We get personal

4. We get personal

Our software makes the most complicated, personalised direct mail campaign a piece of cake. It pulls together your data, the different messages, images, offers and formats then it magically tells our HP Indigo printers exactly what to print for each individual communication.

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We team up with digital

5. We team up with digital

We bring print and digital together to boost your ROI. A typical campaign will start with an email, followed by a personalised direct mail pack then a final reminder postcard. All will direct your customers to a personalised landing page to complete their journey. So you get to see your success in real time and can respond straight away.

See how Volkswagen drove a 21% response rate.

We test the goods

6. We test the goods

We deal with huge customer databases so it’s important to test the initiative works on a small sample first. Once we’ve analysed the results we make some tweaks so you’re guaranteed to get the best results from the full campaign.

We go live

7. We go live

Our onsite production facility has cutting edge kit, some are unique to the north. That means premium quality is guaranteed and turnaround times are superfast.

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We close the loop

8. We close the loop

Our account managers monitor your campaign every day. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve your responses so you get the best ROI.

We automate

9. We automate

This is the icing on the cake. Our G.EM software automates your marketing campaigns across print, email and SMS. We build bespoke marketing platforms for you to manage all your communications from one place – even direct mail! This gives you ultimate brand control and helps control costs.

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