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How we do it

Data Analysis

We know more about our target customers than ever before.

This leverage needs to be transformed to relevant communications, and needs to take into account customer behaviour and programmatic activity.

Creative & Messaging

Consumers will expect messages and offers that are highly relevant to them. In turn, we are seeing 30%+ uplifts in ROI. We will also implement consumer behavioral data to drive well timed and relevant messages with clear calls to actions promoting features and benefits.

Contact Strategy

The ability to create highly relevant, targeted, measurable communications and customer journeys across multiple channels. Allowing marketing teams to manage their brands and messages effectively and enabling increased customer engagement incorporating pURLs, digital and social media.

The GEM platform will be the world’s first truly cross-channel marketing platform.

Implement & Report

Ability to track and measure results and return on investment, with continuous improvement and testing to trigger consumer activity. New standardisations (JICMail) in measurement will bring DM into the same arena as TV & radio.

Dashboard analytics and automated triggered messaging based on customer response.