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What is the NEO-Post?

The Neo-Post DS-1200 is a piece of capital equipment which is now firmly installed in our in-house production facility. At the most basic level, it is a dynamic letter inserter which can automatically identify individual letters and related documents (multiple sheets). The system can feed documents into correctly addressed envelopes as well as add postage costs, it even sorts envelopes into postage locations. What’s impressive is that all this can be done hundreds of times a minute thus reducing the amount of manpower and time to process automated mailers resulting in a more cost-efficient way to process direct mail for clients.

In fact, our NEO-Post DS-1200 can fill up to 12,000 envelopes an hour! Simple system set up means that we experience minimal set-up time, this gives us the ability to quickly manage changes and ultimate flexibility to handle dynamic requirements. We can process a wide variety of inserts, from letters, flyers and BREs through to thick booklets and even CD’s.

How do we use the NEO-Post at Gecko?

At Gecko we are the UK’s leading experts in creating data-driven, hyper personalised communications allowing brands to truly connect with existing and prospective customers. We can manage the full journey for our clients which includes campaign strategy, creative, print, processing and even dispatch via our mail partners. Whilst the Neo-Post DS-1200 is one piece of the jigsaw, it is crucial to ensuring our client’s direct communications are correctly packed and sorted. The system ensures the personalised elements of each mailer is correctly input into the specific envelope ready for dispatch. It’s also important to note that the system even folds and packs the contents in the correct order, this means that the recipient is presented with communications as the campaign was intended.

Process management

Whilst the investment to bring the Neo-Post 1200 to Gecko was significant, we know it’s a system that meets the dynamic needs of our clients. The intelligent system provides unparalleled levels of processing accuracy, the internal software ensures that the machine operates at 100% mail processing accuracy. The system tracks each piece of mail and the individual processes it undergoes allowing for complete control and reporting. All this means that Gecko clients can be assured that their personalised customer communications will be processed and dispatched correctly even when handling hundreds of thousands of variable pieces of data.

Why work with Gecko

The NEO-Post DS-1200 enhances Gecko’s ability to handle personalised direct mail, however, that is just a cog in a much bigger and more complex process. We’ve invested in class-leading digital printers, creative studios and we’ve even sent our team on intensive two-week training courses to ensure we can provide personalised direct mail services to our client’s like no one else in the industry.

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