Marketing Technology

Don’t you just love it when things are done automatically? We do! Use our marketing automation tools to generate seamless streamlined marketing campaigns that deliver positive ROI.


Marketing Automation

It’s something everyone’s talking about but we’ve been doing it for our clients for years.

Whether it’s automated communications across direct mail, door drops, email, mobile or controlling your brand across multiple branches, we save you time and money so your campaigns are more profitable.

See how successful automation works for The Claims Guys and Peninsula, or get in touch today to chat through our automated marketing solutions.


Brand management

Working in partnership with our clients, we build marketing platforms that manage, automate and track campaigns across multiple channels – even print. Making it easier to stay tuned to your customer’s activity.

It’s simple really. You decide who to target, how you want to communicate, create templates and set the schedule. Templates can be locked down so only specific sections can be tailored to local needs and you can set a budget for every office or user too. So when anyone outside of the marketing team creates a campaign, they follow a series of simple steps, send for approval then it goes live. And if print’s involved, it will go straight to print and dispatch from Gecko. This gives the central marketing team complete brand and cost control. And with our strict ISO processes you can be confident that your data is completely secure.

Automated implementation

Some clients have highly personalised, complex customer journeys that we simplify and make happen. Together we plan the customer journey, the creative and the schedule then we automate the end to end process. All clients have to do is upload the data or send it securely and the campaign goes live straight away. If clients want to track progress our marketing dashboard tells them all they need to know. And because we manage everything in house we have the speed and flexibility to meet the tightest of deadlines.    


Marketing automation agency

Yes, we automate marketing campaigns and give ultimate brand control to marketing teams. But to us at Gecko, it’s all about accuracy and the speed of turnaround. Our automated marketing technology turns complex campaigns into simple, seamless communications that save you time and money while reducing the risk of human error.

If you’d like to discuss your automated marketing requirements call us on 0113 391 0704 or get in touch online to speak to one of our automated marketing experts.

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