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HP Indigo Printers at Gecko

Investment in HP Indigo Printers
With nearly twenty years experience in the print and direct mail industry, it’s safe to say here at Gecko we understand good print when we see it. We’re continually innovating and evolving the offering here at Gecko. That’s why last year we invested in an additional HP Indigo, the HP 12000 resulting in a capital expenditure of over £1.5m.

Introducing the HP Indigo 12000
These class-leading digital printers can handle printing on many formats up to B2, from simple leaflets/ posters to canvas across 3,000 different substrates the HP Indigo can deliver stunning results. All of this can happen without any loss of colour quality, and the system has been specially developed to ensure flawless colour matching. In fact, the HP Indigo can print to 812 dpi at 8 bit and is capable of outputting up to 4,600 sheets per hour. With impressive specifications as listed above and the intelligent data systems at Gecko, we can deliver complex variable data print and direct mail projects without loss of quality or accuracy.

Investment in Our People
With such a substantial investment in the Gecko HP Indigo 12000 printers, it was essential our print team knew how to run and operate the presses to squeeze every drop of performance out of these impressive machines. That’s why we sent the team to HP in Barcelona to attend an intensive two-week training programme run by the experts at HP; while this provides a firm grounding in the use of the presses there is still more to learn, and staff are regularly adding to their knowledge by undertaking further courses with Hewlett-Packard. All this investment in our team ensures ‘s Gecko can deliver hyper personalised and relevant campaigns which produce results.

Hp Indigo Award Winners
Since the latest HP Indigo was delivered to Gecko back in Spring 2017, we’ve been working hard for our clients to produce some brilliant campaigns. The Gecko HP Indigo’s run on a 24-hour basis five days a week resulting in a massive volume of throughput. We’ve been so busy that HP has even taken notice of our efforts. Gecko has been awarded number one in the world for production output on the Gecko HP Indigo presses. That puts Gecko at the top of the table for 2,467 companies globally using the HP Indigo 12000 presses.

While our HP Indigo machines are kept busy, we’re always ready to work with fantastic new clients. If you want to work with the best in the world and with a company with a proven track record of driving ROI on highly-personalised direct mail campaigns, then contact our team now to find out how we can help you.