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Helped drive a 93% customer rebooking rate


Eurocamp have 180 parcs across 11 European countries. They wanted a unique way of presenting their customer’s holiday booking information, which can range from a single two week holiday to a six week extravaganza across different countries.


Our marketing automation software, linked to Eurocamp’s reservation system so we had a direct link with their data. Every time a booking was made, the individual customer data was matched to the relevant content and images for their particular holiday. This was then printed as a booklet between 16 and 48 pages long, depending on the trip. It was also available for the customer to download on their mobile phones. 

The images and content did not just reflect their holiday destination and time of year, it also considered the customer’s marital and family status. There are over 1. 2 million variations. Every step of the process was handled at Gecko so ultimate quality was guaranteed.

Eurocamp are constantly evolving and our software now supports their journey towards digital communications.


The 16 -48 page booklet increased customer loyalty and rebooking rates. On Reevo, 93% of travellers said they would book again.