Transitioning from Administration to Account Executive in the print Industry, by Maisie Deane

In July 2016 I joined the Gecko Client Services team as an Administration and Support Executive. This role did not exist before I joined, so I had a lot to prove. I had to demonstrate that not only was I capable, hardworking, and extremely keen to integrate into the team, I had to make certain that my role was indispensable and that I could contribute considerably to the needs and demands of the business. I wanted those who had hired me, to be assured that they had selected a very willing and reliable candidate.

A year later, my hard work had paid off. I accepted an unexpected, but very exciting promotion to Account Executive. My responsibilities increased, and my role of supporting and working across multiple accounts and teams, shifted to focusing specifically on two main client accounts. Using skills that I had learnt in my first year at Gecko, I transitioned from an administration role, to an Executive role, which required day-to-day client contact and providing crucial support to my team. With the support and confidence of my team, I have been given opportunities to work on projects that required substantial responsibility and that have progressively developed my knowledge in print.

A Typical Weeks Work At Gecko

In a typical week, I work on the creation of mailings and invites to support my team members; reporting to clients on the statuses of jobs; answering queries and frequently actioning requests, and regularly liaising with various departments. I mark up and send artwork amends into our studio department, brief mailings into our data processing department, liaise with clients regarding approvals, and send jobs to print. My job, and those of my colleagues involved in the processing of these tasks, can often be challenging but ultimately satisfying when they are completed and successful.

Whats The Most Exciting Part Of My Job?

The most exciting part of my job would have to be working on a project from the start to the very end. The time and effort that goes into parts of the work we undertake can be demanding, but the satisfaction when a client truly appreciates the work you have done, far surpasses this. By caring about the tasks that you accomplish and putting in that little extra effort to ensure that what you are doing every day goes above and beyond, ultimately determines you as a strong team player and can make your job ever so rewarding.

I am really proud to say that I am part of Gecko. Maisie