Examples of direct marketing channels

Continuously evolving technologies are providing new platforms for new direct marketing channels. Consumers have never had so many sources of supply, and suppliers have never had access to so many markets through so many channels. So what are the direct marketing channels available to you?

Email Marketing

Thanks to recent GDPR regulation, email marketing is now permission based. To be used as an effective direct marketing channel it needs to be relevant and contain valuable content for the recipient. To achieve this, it is good working practice to segment your customer data by different factors such as demographics, purchasing behaviour or geographical location. Gecko recommend personalising where applicable, but don’t forget your email marketing is only as good as your recipient list! Have a retention policy and regularly monitor your open and click through lists.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is reinventing itself to become one of the most popular direct marketing examples. Direct mail campaigns work well whether you operate in a B2C or B2B world. Commonly, a DM is directed to a target demographic or geographic market, targeting makes for an effective direct mail campaign and means you won’t waste money on postage sending a campaign to someone that is not your ideal customer.

SMS marketing

Sending SMS marketing to contacts on your database can be an effective way to market your product or service as it is one of the fastest growing marketing channels in the UK. It’s relatively cost effective and targets a device that many of us check 85 times a day!

Social Media

Social Media lets you send a targeted message to your followers or subscribers. Social media also provides fast, valuable feedback and opinion, so you can see what works and what doesn’t quicker than other direct marketing channels. It’s becoming one of the most popular methods of marketing, which means costs are soaring with the average cost of a Facebook ad increasing by 35% between 2016 and 2017!

Event Marketing

Event marketing is the promotion of a product, brand, or service through in-person interactions. There are various types of event marketing and each can be catered to address a marketer’s specific goals. A company can host an event by inviting delegates or can hold an online event through the medium of webinars or live streamed workshops. Event marketing is adaptable and can be an effective strategy that builds long-term value for your business and will keep engaged customers coming back for more.

Choose The Right Method For Your Business

One or all five of the above methods could prove valuable to your business, it’s crucial to track every campaign closely to see which medium is providing the best response rate and ROI. Gecko closely monitor and track your campaigns to help you figure out the right path for you. Contact us for more information on how we can help or call 01133 910704