We’re really excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for not one, but two awards at the An Post Smart Marketing Awards 2017 in Dublin.  This is for our work with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ireland and their Amarok VIP Launch Campaign.  We’re up for both ‘Industry Impact Awards, Automotive’ and ‘Media Strategy Impact Awards – Direct Mail, Low volume’ so we’re very excited!

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles wanted a fresh approach to launch their new Amarok V6 pickup.  A fantastic opportunity arose at the National Ploughing Championships, Europe’s biggest outdoor exhibition. They were already exhibiting at this huge event so what better way to showcase a 4×4 pickup than in 600 acres of farm land?

It’s difficult to attract people to purchase new vehicles in late Autumn, so the campaign had to be targeted, relevant and completely personalised at every touch point. It had to engage the audience and create a desire to action. That’s why the campaign was focused on creating an exclusive 4×4 experience for the most important customers.

With direct mail being the key channel to reach customers in a personalised way, a premium printed VIP invite was created.  The Amarok V6 is a premium vehicle within the pickup segment so any communication needed to feel premium too.  To make the customer feel valued from the first touch point, careful consideration was given to the feel and weight of the stock used for the envelope and invitation. The envelope had a hand fixed stamp for that personal touch and it was sent from their local dealer rather than Volkswagen Head Office.  To add that extra premium touch, the names of each customer were silver foiled on the invitation card and the invitation was packed in such a way that the foiled name was the first thing the customer saw when they opened it.

As time was of the essence, it was important for customers to book their experience immediately, so a personalised web page (Purl) complimented the campaign and was built for every customer. Here they could book their experience and have their tickets and VIP pass delivered the next day.  This is what 21% of the customers did, a fantastic response rate for a campaign delivered in record time.

We are so excited to be up for two awards and are looking forward to the ceremony on 26th April.  Fingers crossed!