The world of reward and recognition schemes has grown immensely over the last few years. But recent research shows that although 92% of the UK population are signed up to at least one loyalty scheme, almost £6bn worth of points remain unclaimed. So, is there another way to reward without points?

Well there are tonnes, but we found the Gourmet Society membership card works particularly well for customer retention programmes and employee engagement.

One of our clients used the Gourmet Society membership card as part of their customer retention campaign and the results were astonishing. There was a 32% reduction in cancellations and over 6,000 new customer subscriptions.

The benefits to customers are huge too. They can say goodbye to their quiet Friday nights and hello to delicious meals out with around 50% off the bill. And with 7,000 restaurants already signed up, from Michelin starred to local fish and chip shops, everyone’s a winner.

The retail price of a membership card is £69,95 so it’s a high value gift that shows customers you care. And it comes at a fraction of the cost to you – our exclusive offer is less than £5 per membership card.

But the proof is in the pudding and here at Gecko our employees are taking full advantage of the Gourmet deals. Just last month, Chris used his card whilst entertaining a client at Rudding Park Hotel in Harrogate. He saved 40% off his food bill – impressing both our client and our Finance Director!

And it’s not all about food lovers, pleasure seekers and families can save lots too. There’s a whopping 54% off day trips to some of the UK’s most exciting attractions, such as Alton towers and LEGOLAND plus 50% off airport lounges.

So if you want to boost your customer or employment engagement programmes, give us a call!