As another year draws to end, I am looking back on what has been yet another interesting time in the world, the economy and of course at Gecko. Outside of work, did we all keep our New Year pledges that we’d go to the gym, stick to that diet or learn another language? Probably not!

January, much like the weather, was quite bleak, yet amid such uncertainty we made the best, and most expensive decision, of our history. The purchase of the Indigo 7500 had been brewing for a while and it was with a slightly shaky hand that we signed a deal that went on to cement our production capability and expertise in the digital print marketing arena.  Without this leap of faith in a time when everyone was still battening down the hatches, Gecko would have been incapable of achieving a fraction of the success we have seen this year.  The lesson here isn’t going off and making rash choices but to seize a great opportunity when you see one, rather than worrying too much that it isn’t in the plan.

I recently heard a great saying from Ashleigh Brilliant (awesome name); “Good ideas are common, what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about.” If ever there was a statement that summed Gecko up, then it’s this. It is the unique mix of people that we have here that make sure that not only are we coming up with the brainwaves needed to stay ahead of the competition, but that we keep our feet on the ground when we have them.

We have added some excellent people this year to help keep us at the top of our game, and I would like to thank all of you who took your own leaps of faith to trust your careers to us. From Cat Hill in Client Services, who has had to hit the ground running quicker than Usain Bolt, through to Kate Shier in finance who had the unenviable task of taking over my old position. As our CEO is so fond of saying, it is about getting the right people on the bus and I would like to say hello to some of the other passengers; Vix Hepworth and Nick Morgan in technical, Rhiannon Moss in finance, Jason Lee in production and Andy Macdonald into business development.

Outside of Gecko the UK had an amazing year of achievement in the Olympics and celebrated a wonderful Diamond Jubilee, creating a real togetherness in a tough year for the economy, a pastel version of The Scream, sells for a record US$120 million in a New York City auction reminding us that there are some things digital technology can’t replace and PSY gave 2012 a theme tune with the platinum selling record Gangnam Style.

However your 2012 went we hope 2013 brings opportunity and success and if you need our help along the way get in touch.

To get in touch in the New Year just call 0113 391 0704 or drop us an email to