There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to marketing, personalisation is key to increasing conversions and ramping up your response rates. Great direct mail campaigns require the seamless integration of data and design, so that when your campaign collateral lands on your customer’s doorstep they instantly recognise a relationship between you.

Data capture is obviously the first step – the more details you can collate on your database, the easier it is to personalise your marketing materials and have a direct conversation with your audience. A report by the DMA reveals that 74% of people questioned agreed that using the correct name and address has a positive impact on engagement – but while using the recipient’s name is a fantastic first step, you need to be clever if you want to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.

By building a personal profile based on each recipient’s individual preferences and purchasing habits, you can develop targeted materials that speak to them on a one-to-one basis.  Great personalisation shows your customers that you understand them, appreciate them and can talk to them as an individual about products and services that they’re interested in.  Showing your customer that you understand who they are ensures that they feel valued and creates brand loyalty.  Recent research by The Royal Mail found that 92% of respondents who felt something as a result of receiving valued mail, did something.  So, you can see the benefit of getting this right.

The content has to be right – repeat their name in the body of the text, not just in the greeting, and use other details, such as location or a reference to their last purchase so they feel you’ve genuinely invested in them as an individual. Then you need to think aesthetically – using colours and images that will appeal and show you understand them. True personalisation attracts customers and talks to them as individuals, keeping them engaged with your brand and ultimately drives more sales. A win-win for both customer and business a like!

Designing campaigns to suit individuals sounds like an expensive approach, but actually, with the right input at the outset, an experienced direct mail team (like us!) can develop targeted campaigns that are both eye-catching and cost-effective.

So however you choose to personalise your direct mail , just remember that the personal touch goes a long way – and can be easy with the right professional support.