Payday loan firm Wonga hit the headlines last week for all the wrong reasons with the news that they had suffered a data breach, potentially affecting 245,000 UK customers.  The information stolen includes names, addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers and sort codes – and may also include the last four digits of customers’ bank cards.  With news of yet another large-scale data breach hitting the headlines, customers are once again asking the question “just how safe is my personal data?”

Data is at the heart of everything we do here at Gecko – it’s what drives our digital print & marketing automation services.  Our clients send us their customer data day in, day out and it’s imperative that they are comfortable that their information is safe.  We take our responsibilities to data security very seriously, which is why we are proud to say that we are ISO 27001:2013 certified.  But what is this certification and what does it mean?

ISO 27001 is the international standard that demonstrates an organisation is following information security best practices – the 2013 part indicating the most recent up to date version.  The standard is applied to an organisation’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) following successful completion of a rigorous external audit.  Our most recent audit involved staff across the whole of Gecko and took 12 weeks to complete – a real investment and one that we were delighted paid off!  Our ISMS and its ISO certification formally demonstrates that we will secure all data entrusted to us by other companies.

Through a program of internal and external audit, independent and management review we continuously improve and refine our ISMS.  It is our commitment to managing information safely and securely and offers our clients the peace of mind that we have the best controls in place to identify and reduce any risks to confidential information.

So, there you have it, ISO27001:2013 is all about giving our clients the confidence they need in our facilities and the systems used to process their data.   Rest assured, your data is safe with us!