Brand loyalty is vital to the growth of your business – but what’s the perfect way to keep your brand front of mind?

What is ‘Brand Loyalty’?

Brand loyalty is that feeling a customer has towards a brand that urges them to make repeat purchases from the same brands over time. Brands love loyal customers who consistently purchase products regardless of convenience or price.

The question for many companies is;

  • How do you go about building lasting brand loyalty in your customers?
  • How do you make sure that they fall in love with your products or services deeply enough to want to stick around for the long run, and keep coming back for more
  • Just as importantly, how do you make sure that you’re maintaining a firm grip on the way your brand is consumed by those consumers – when and where and how they interact with it – and that you deliver a consistent, relevant message straight to their hearts?
  • And finally, is there really a powerful, cost effective way of doing this?

Well, clearly at Gecko we have a vested interest in this – but we strongly believe that there is. Our brand loyalty campaigns often use different marketing strategies to cultivate loyal customers, It’s how we help our own clients to build brand loyalty with their customers.

How to build brand loyalty

Through highly personalised and relevant printed direct mail campaigns which utilise rewards programs, trials, incentives, samples and free gifts.

These work great and there is some great evidence for this too. Take a recent report of the consumers asked about receiving printed direct mail,

  • 57% said it makes them feel more valued vs. email – showing that mail creates a genuine two-way relationship between brands and customers.
  • 55% said mail gives them a better impression of that company
  • and 60% say that the best mail advertising helps to keep a sender’s brand front of mind.

[Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Mail and Digital Part 1, Quadrangle, 2013]

These are powerful numbers, and they back up something that we’ve always firmly believed here at Gecko – that regularly communicating with people on a personal level and making them feel special will keep you front of mind and build loyalty.

The MarketReach report also points to another powerful aspect of printed mail – the way that it physically moves through the heart of the home. Get printed mail right (and our very own G.EM software is all about helping you to do this consistently, through automation), and it means that your customers get lots of chances to interact with your brand, to get familiar with it, and to maybe even fall in love with it.

Working out why consumers are loyal to some brands and not to others can be hard to pin down. But using a direct marketing solution that’s cost effective, that gives you tight control over your brand image and that builds a powerful, direct relationship with customers is a great start.

Increase your customers loyalty

To discuss how our direct mail campaigns, rewards programs, trials, incentives, samples and free gifts could be used to increase your customers loyalty to your brand then call us today on 0113 391 0704 – we look forward to hearing from you!