We all know that customer trends are evolving at an incredible rate.  But there are a few fundamentals that haven’t changed much over the years – and that are more important than ever before.

Customer expectations are changing all the time and with the continuous development of new technology their expectations are rising.  The world of online and beyond has brought us the convenience and endless choice of shopping from your phone or tablet, innovations like same-day drone deliveries and on demand services like UberRUSH, and the emerging trends in ‘swiping and buying’ on social media. The smart use of technology and data means that the distance between the customer and the maker of the products they desire has contracted. This data-driven online world means customers expect a personalised service – they expect you to remember them, know what they like and to be treated as an individual. Expecting data to be at companies’ fingertips and businesses to know exactly who they are and what they want.

It’s a dynamic, changing environment – but it’s one that we believe is still underpinned by a couple of truths that haven’t changed much over the years.

The first is the need for great data. Collecting it cleanly and then using it effectively to create personalised, targeted communications that people actually want to read is as important as it ever was. Customers don’t just want ‘friendly’, they want to feel like the experience has been personalised just for them.  With their behaviour changing rapidly, businesses need to stay up to date with their expectations. Showing them that you understand who they are ensures they feel valued, and a customer who feels valued is a loyal customer and brand advocate.  That old adage of ‘know your customers’ is as true today as it ever was.

Which leads us to the second thing that hasn’t changed – the need to build a powerful personal connection. The two are linked, obviously, but the trends in the market now show that, more than ever, it’s the brands that go out of their way to talk – and listen to – their customers properly who get ahead in a fierce market.

Social media has only amplified this – it makes it easy for people now to interact directly with the people who make the things that they might want to buy. So, building that sense of personal connection is key to closing the deal – and to getting them back for more. Back this up with increasingly powerful technology that can then deliver personally tailored goods and services that your customers actually want in the real world, and it’s a winning combination.

Here at Gecko we can help you to deal with whatever the changing customer environment throws at you by employing a scientific approach to using customer data to create personalised, creative communications that really work.