With it being a bank holiday last weekend, I thought I’d indulge in one of my fave past times – eating cake.  So, I visited a lovely little cake shop.  Whilst enjoying my Victoria Sponge I was offered a raffle ticket.  The prize, a cake of my choice – I didn’t need much convincing to enter!  They would announce the winner via Facebook Live the next day.  I was in!  With printed raffle ticket in hand, I got to thinking how print combined with digital was the perfect recipe for engaging a new customer.   So how did my first visit to this cake shop develop into something more?


Engagement through cake

So, I’d been in the shop, and enjoyed my cake.  Maybe I’d pop in the next time I was in the area but would I make a special trip?  By using print to drive me online (with the added incentive of free cake), it ensured my engagement with their business would last much longer. Once I logged on to Facebook I’d naturally like the page so they’d pop up in my feed occasionally and our relationship would develop, increasing the chance of repeat visits to their lovely shop.


Print drives online

Now the print in this instance was a simple raffle ticket.  It could just as easily have been a leaflet or postcard.  The point is, something tangible with an attractive competition would drive me online and make me want to connect with them.  If the piece of print had been fully branded, it would have further reinforced their business in my mind.  As I like cake so much, I couldn’t resist looking them up on Facebook and clicking that “like” button, ready for the Facebook Live.

Once I connected on Facebook, the Cake Shop  accessed more information about me than they ever could from a single visit to their shop (without a serious grilling, which would be a little awkward).  With just one click, they got so much data – age, where I live, interests, you name it.  Everything they need to communicate with me in a really targeted, relevant way.  Key for making me, a new customer, feel valued and developing our relationship further.

That same data can also be used to gain valuable insight into who their customer base is.  Are there a lot of customers in a specific area? Could this be the location for their next shop?

So, I didn’t win the raffle.  But I’m still following the cake shop on Facebook, and will be making a visit next week to redeem the offer they sent me.