Everyone wants to attract new business but how do you do it without data?

This was Bathroom Brands‘ challenge. Their products are sold through retail stores so they didn’t know anything about their end consumer. A slight issue when trying to attract new people to the brand.

We love a good challenge at Gecko, so we jumped at the chance to work with Bathroom Brands and profile their typical customer. We found they had 20 distinctive characteristics based on household income, number of bedrooms, home owner status etc. We used this insight to find similar people from across the UK and found over 3 million – quite a hefty pot of data.

Bathroom Brands wanted to target those most likely to buy their products so we drilled down into each characteristic. Our data insight process, which we call Geckowise, identified a market opportunity of 100,000 new customers. Now it was time to target them.

Gecko printed and managed the delivery of a personalised mailshot that resulted in a significant uplift in visitors to their website. We also print managed all their point of sale collateral, which attracted new customers in store.

So even if you don’t have a customer database it is possible to deliver a personalised campaign that delivers results.

If you need help with data or print management get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.