Getting all the guys together in one place is a pretty mean feat, however we regard this as one of the most important days in the calendar for Gecko as it means we can share our thoughts about the previous year and plan for the year ahead taking into consideration all opinions from every department.

Communication is vital here at Gecko, whether that be running a production job, building some new software or planning company strategy. Everyone here has ideas on how to improve and progress and the conference gives us the platform to collect those thoughts together.

The theme for this year’s conference was travel and each table was nominated a country with appropriate hats to adorn, explaining the pictures above and on our twitter feed! The day started with an overview of the previous year from the Senior Management team and followed with presentations from departmental heads on identifying obstacles from 2012 and how we plan to overcome these in 2013. The day was also filled with team games like ‘kangaroo relay’, ‘kangaroo javelin’, ‘kangaroo pick-up’ (can you see the theme!) and the day ended with awards in various categories and a ‘Q and A’ session.

The whole day was a roaring success allowing individual employees from different departments to come together and share thoughts, ask questions on the future of gecko and have some fun as a team. However it doesn’t stop there, we are constantly reviewing what we do and making progress so our clients continue to get a better service.

If you are looking ahead for 2013 and you think gecko can be of help get in touch on 0113 391 0704 or drop us an email to