Variable data printing is a digital printing technique which enables input of dynamic data, this data can be images, text or both.

Digital printing technologies are ideal for variable data printing tasks, the HP Indigo presses operate continuously adapting the output to the unique data requirements for each individual piece of print. Variable data printing allows you to be hyper personalised, relevant and target the right customers. The print runs are more focused which mean you use less paper and therefore reduce environmental waste.

Variable Data Printing Examples

There are many ways you can incorporate variable data into your digitised print strategies. To highlight this, below are some common examples:

  • Personalised URL – a PURL is the perfect companion to variable data printing, it is a great way to track unique recipients along the customer journey. individual customers will receive unique codes allowing brands to easily monitor responses to your direct mail campaigns.
  • Code printing – Personalised URN (unique reference numbers) or barcodes are a great way to print variable personalised voucher codes for specific markets or even specific customers and allow you to closely monitor their interactions with your brand.

Variable Data Printing Brings Personalisation ALIVE

With direct mail marketing more relevant than ever, personalisation highlights a huge advancement for organisations wanting to deliver direct mail campaigns. Some examples of personalisation that variable data printing has allowed include:

  • Print data relating to recently viewed products on a website, or displayof local information relevant to the customer such as a map or local store information with drive time and routes
  • Invitations to events can be created so they are bespoke to recipients industry, interests and location
  • Thanking customers for continuing loyalty and personalising offer relevant to them based on recent purchasing history
  • The inclusion of a reminder for a shopping cart abandonment on an E-commerce websites

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