We’re really excited to announce that our new website has been short-listed for Best Website in the B2B marketing awards!

We’ve spent a lot of time applying the personalisation strategies we see working for our clients across our own marketing and the website was the key focus of this strategy so it’s really great to see our hard work recognised.

Our approach for every client is different so generalising what we do in a one size fits all marketing message wasn’t feasible. The website allows our visitors to provide a few details in order to generate a unique page for them that pulls together relevant content about our services, case studies and in-depth blog posts into one place.

We also wanted to allow visitors to test Gecko’s personalisation, digital print and marketing automation services by generating and ordering their own information pack online. A choice of topics and offers can be selected and then sent either via mail, email or both. Take a look around – get started on our home page or click here to let us know what you think. Fingers crossed for the awards ceremony!