We are constantly looking at ways to improve our Direct Mail services, so Andy our Production Manager is always on the lookout for new kit.

Earlier this summer, Andy took our Operations MD, Chris to Drupa (the Olympics of print) in Düsseldorf. There they saw what the world of print had to offer and the Neopost DS-1200 caught their eye. It was love at first sight.

After visiting the Neopost showroom in London recently, Andy made up his mind. This new machine was coming to Gecko. Now it’s here.

The Neopost DS-1200 is a highly intelligent mail processor that creates up to 12,000 mailing packs with multiple inserts every hour.

The power of the Neopost

Andy was brimming with pride when he gave me a tour of this all new singing and dancing  kit. To see it in action was really something. Without getting too technical, this is how it works:

  • set up the job on the machine – this takes a matter of minutes instead of hours
  • first sheet of the pack has a barcode on it
  • the barcode tells the machine how many sheets are required for the pack
  • machine accurately collates the pack – which can have eight different inserts
  • the pack is folded to fit the envelope
  • individual envelopes are printed
  • envelopes are sorted into the correct batches

Supersonic speed

The rate at which we can produce Direct Mail packs now is phenomenal. A multi pack Direct Mail job used to take up to 18 hours from start to finish. With the Neopost, the same job takes around two and a half hours. This is a whopping 70% quicker!

Our clients can give us the Direct Mail artwork on a Monday and have it posted the next day. We’ve heard we’re the only company in the north with this spec of machine so we know we’re much quicker than anyone else up here.

It’s not just about speed, the beauty with this machine is the accuracy. The technology is amazing; every detail is checked and if something is wrong the whole process stops. But we’re yet to see this happen, everything is running very smoothly.