What is a Mailshot Campaign?

Mailshot campaigns are a form of direct marketing communication that targets new and existing customers. Good campaigns can help you understand your customers and develop lasting relationships. They give brands the ability to land new products or services directly to the customer.

Mailshot Campaigns Today

Mailshots campaigns are as relevant today as they have ever been; here are some great reasons to use mailshot:

  • Mailbox competition – compared to years gone by brands have been using mailshots less, this will increase the impact your campaign could have when it drops through a customer’s letterbox as there is less competition, DMA research findings are that 57.1% of addressed mail was open upon receipt compared to an average of 24% of emails (Research by Smart in Sights)
  • People prefer to receive personalised mailshots over digital forms (especially email) the recipient has a tangible product, which on average is kept for 17 days, and with meaningful variable data the direct mail can really stand out from the crowd, after 28 days, 27% of addressed mail is still live within a household.
  • Traceable results – mailshots, when managed correctly can perfectly blend with digital tools to produce a seem less customer journey that allows you to follow the customer throughout the whole process. See our blog on Variable Data Profiling.

Personalising a Mailshot Campaign

For the best results, personalise:

  • Variable name data is a quick and simple win, immediately a recipient is engaged if the mailer is directed at them, they are more likely to engage and consume the message.
  • Personalise the mailshot with known customer behaviours, by sending a personalised mailshot based on a certain trigger, for example, the time elapsed since the last purchase or upsell additional products related to one previously purchased. Customers will feel valued and relevant which will in turn make them feel more comfortable when consuming messages from your company.

Mailshot Campaign Printing

When it’s time to print your mailshot engage with a print partner with years of knowledge and experience in direct mail printing, they will have specialist, start of the art presses to direct mail and will ensure you receive great levels of control and customer service. If they have invested in the latest digital printing technology such as the HP Indigo 12000, like Gecko, the results will be outstanding.

Mailshot Services

At Gecko we work closely with clients to develop an understanding of desired outcomes and then work with you through all the stages (data management, personalisation, print management, postage) to provide a creative mailshot service that drives positive ROI. If you are interested in looking at a mailshot marketing campaign then please do not hesitate to contact us.