Following on from last week’s post on Return on Investment (ROI), we believe proper planning is the key to creating a greater return on investment for direct mail campaigns.

At Gecko we’ve been delivering high performing personalised direct mail campaigns for nearly 20 years and our direct mail experts know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.

We posted a short list last week so here’s a bit more detail.

Good data

All successful marketing starts with quality data.

Building your own list can be tedious and with GDPR around the corner there’s a lot to think about. But if you go down the third party route, it’s very easy to get scammed by online companies selling dirty lists full of false leads. It will costs you a lot of money and can get you in trouble with the Information Commissioner’s Office. But the quality of your data is key to achieving a successful campaign so take time to think about where your data’s coming from and make sure it’s clean.

Deep understanding of your customers  

It’s not worth sending the same message and offer to every single customer and treating them all the same. It’s best to understand your customers and segment them so you can  create highly personalised, relevant copy. This will take more time and probably won’t save you money even if you’re targeting a smaller sample, BUT your ROI will be higher – guaranteed. 

Write effective copy

Great promotional copy resonates with the target audience. To write such good copy, you need to truly understand your customers to know what will make them tick. A benefit for one customer might not mean a thing to another so personalising copy to each segment is essential for a higher ROI. 

Clear call to actions  

Be clear and bold about what you want the reader to do after reading your direct mail. Don’t shy away from it, make your call to action stand out and shout. 

Signature written in blue

If you have a signature in your direct mail make it blue – it does actually increase the response rate. We’ve found when we don’t use blue ink there’s a significant drop in response rate.

Choose the right design

Having a great design that stands out and reinforces your message is essential to direct-mail marketing success. Make sure you follow basic design rules for direct mail and invest in a professional designer with direct mail experience – it’s well worth the investment. 

3 or more touch points

Following up with your prospects is often forgotten but we find the second touch point usually accounts for 36% of all responses. It’s especially effective if your second touch point uses a different format to the first e.g. a direct mail pack followed by a personalised postcard. The more personal you can make it, the better!

Find a great printer….

Find a printer with a reputation for quality and customer service, then stick with them. Unless you are a bargain brand, your company won’t benefit from sending out low quality materials. Naturally we think Gecko are the obvious choice of printer.

And let your printer do the mailing

A reputable printing company (like our good selves) will also have have a mail house, or partner with mail houses, to deliver your direct-mail marketing to the customer.  What’s more, good print companies are experts in postage so you’ll get the best possible price too. It makes your life easier if you keep the production and distribution with the same person and it’ll improve the turnaround time.

Gecko’s Direct mail & printing services

So the question is, who provides your Printing and Mailing services? Can they advise on improving your ROI or do they just do the doing? If you’d like to reassess your costs or talk about different ways to improve ROI for direct marketing, get in touch with us today!