Are you asking yourself the above questions? If you are, carry on reading as we have 5 great reasons why direct mail is still very effective, and a great tool for lead growth and traffic generation.

Direct Mail is Tangible

Firstly, direct mail isn’t limited by design, it comes in all shapes and sizes! The ability to choose from postcards, brochures, letters and coupons gives a great starting point to produce effective direct mail campaigns. As with all printed and mailed marketing, it’s still the only media channel that gets your message directly into the end user’s hand. Customer engagement on effective direct mail campaigns is generally good, with a recent study by Tech Times stating that millennials actually prefer print media.

It’s Integrated

Integrating direct mail with other channels such as  Web, TV/Radio and Social Media campaigns can work well to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness. Accompanying mail campaigns with these online channels allows measurement and accountability.

It’s Personal

Personal touches can easily be included with direct mail, whether it’s adding in customer’s names or adapting content to align with something a customer has recently done or purchased, it works to help drive engagement with relevancy. There are plenty of ways to make your communications stand out to increase the overall effectiveness of your mail campaign – the more personalised and relevant, the better!

It’s Targeted

It is focused and targeted towards individuals who will most likely be positively affected by the mail and more likely to respond. During planning you will choose who the mail is to be sent to and when it will be sent. By tactically picking who, what and when direct mail campaigns are delivered you can drive more cut through and be more effective.

It’s Accountable

Wanting to track the success of your campaign? Then direct mail could be effective for you, as it provides you with the ability to track how your campaign has performed. It could simply be tracking the amount of coupons redeemed, visits to custom landing pages or Call to Actions generated. You will be able to track and analyse results based on your KPIs, and based on these results you’ll be able to make informed decisions further refining your activity now and for future activations.


The average household in the UK receives 2 pieces of targeted mail per day, compared with the mass of emails you receive per day, the volume of direct mail is minimal. In our experience,  recipients have a higher propensity to recall the messaging and content. This is further highlighted that on average this type of mail is kept for 17 days. Additionally research shows that 39% of households have a dedicated area to store mail in the house.

Direct mail campaigns can be incredibly successful if correctly planned and deployed, especially when data is used intelligently. If you are considering a campaign make sure you call the professionals to ensure your activation drives cut through and creates tangible ROI. Remember, once the postman has dropped the mail through the letterbox, 92% of it is opened so it’s your opportunity to grab customers attention. Consequently when done correctly, 92% of recipients go online after reading it – with 54% going on to engage with social media pages.

What Gecko Can Do For Your Business

We at Gecko firmly believe in the power of direct mail and what it can do for your business. We’re the experts and have over 20 years experience creating results for our clients using direct mail. If you’re considering a campaign make sure you get in touch with our team.