One of the key frustrations of Direct Mail is handing over such large chunks of your budget to postage. Minimising our clients’ exposure to this cost is a key focus for Gecko…

So, you’ve fallen out of love with email marketing because it hasn’t lived up to the promise of a strong return on investment for, let’s be honest, not much investment. Now you’re back in the arms of direct marketing and the first thing that happens? You remember why you broke up in the first place:


As a marketer you have a hard won budget and whilst spending it on the tangible elements of direct marketing, such as innovative creative treatments or an elegant digital print solution, is both exciting and satisfying, it’s equally heart breaking to see yourself ring fence 60% to pay for postage; that decidedly unsexy method of getting your message from A to B or, more accurately, from B to B and B to C.

How do you make a happy marriage then? With the knowledge that email open rates can be as low as 11% (and lower!) whilst direct marketing can garner a 91% open rate, and the DMA Factbook for 2013 showing that 65% of consumers of all ages have made a purchase as the result of direct mail, you can’t afford to walk away from this one.

So don’t walk away, get smarter!  Take a holistic view of your businesses communications to your existing customers and acquisitions. By funnelling your branch activity through one central marketing tool you can not only take control of your brand compliance and marketing schedule,

but also achieve a significant reduction in your postage costs.  If you are working within a head office overarching multiple branches or departments, all generating their own direct marketing activity, then you will be losing out on the discounts that postage consolidation can bring. 

Taking steps to rationalise marketing activity and pulling together multiple data files to create one, robust, “discount level” mailing file can save significant amounts of your budget. Even if you’re not a multi branch business we can still help you to make significant savings on your postage budget so you can divert it for wiser use elsewhere. In this way we’ve recently demonstrated a potential yearly saving of £100k for one of our single branch clients.

Of course, your level of activity might not be that high but because of the cumulative volumes that we release through both Royal Mail and other postage providers we have a significant presence within the mailing community and can command a stronger competitive rate than most individual businesses. And because we’re a partner, and not a fling, we’re happy to share it with you. Give us a call and see how we could help you reduce your postage.