It’s the done thing to ask for your customer’s data, so if they extend you the privilege of actually handing it over, it’s only polite to do something with it!

A colleague once told me that they’d given a company permission to use their details for marketing purposes. 4 years later they’d still not received a scrap of communication or relevant marketing.

This company holds a lot of information about her, what she bought, when she bought it and how often she buys from them. Basically a lot of valuable data that they could use to give her and all their other customers a more rewarding brand experience…oh and sell more at the same time!

In today’s data sensitive arena – where paranoia kicks in at the mention of providing personal information, for companies to not actively communicate with customers who actually want to be communicated with defies logic; it’s simply not professional.

This got me thinking. Why do companies invest a lot of time, money and resource collecting customer data if they don’t do anything with it? And what’s worse they let it degrade over time.

Far better not to collect it in the first place and save your money. It all adds up:

  1. Data cleaning and processing costs
  2. Data capture (paper based through to linking sophisticated web capture forms to databases)
  3. CRM systems
  4. CRM Managers / Direct Marketing Managers

I can name a dozen household retailers who are guilty of asking their customers to fill in application forms or provide data online to then just sit on it, even whilst paying for the privilege of storing it.

As customers, we are justified in our complaints when we receive generic, non-personalised “Junk mail”. As professional direct marketers, we should do everything we can to rid ourselves of this label.

Let’s shout about the benefits of using customer data properly, let’s give the customer what they want, when they want it. This means collecting data properly and fulfilling our promise to customers by sending them relevant content. It also means giving them the opportunity to change their contact options quickly and simply.

It’s the responsibility of professional marketing agencies (perhaps more so than the clients they represent) to stand firm and not go down the ‘one size fits all route’.

Let’s give customers a truly personalised brand experience every time. We all win in the end, companies get more engaged and loyal customers, customers receive a better service and agencies delight their clients with improved response.

Get in touch if you’re interested in getting more from your data – as you can see it’s a passion of ours!