After all the hard work you’ve been through securing budgets, planning campaigns and setting targets, why would you throw money away mailing someone who is never going to receive it? One of our key services is a data health check which aims to eliminate bad data from client mailing lists. It’s the starting point for all our mailing campaigns and it’s where we begin to add incremental value to your marketing communication by reducing data wastage and ensuring people you mail actually receive your message.

During the health check we screen your data for a wide range of things by matching it against no fewer than 13 different suppression lists. Unmailable addresses are either removed or updated using PAF enhancement (updating addresses to match Royal Mail’s address file). Goneaways (no longer at this address) are removed or updated using the address forwarding file. We screen for deceased recipients and remove them and for a more sensitive approach we can suppress the names of anyone living at the same address as someone recently deceased. We also remove any obscenities we find in the file – it’s amazing what people will put in data capture forms. Finally we dedupe the list to make sure that there’s only one instance of each person in the file – nobody needs two of the same mailer!

The benefits of a data cleanse are obvious – improve the chance of your message getting to the right person, save on the production costs that you’d otherwise waste on undeliverables (thereby improving ROI), reduce wastage of raw materials (a big tick from a CSR point of view) and protect your brand image from the potentially irreparable damage that could come from an insensitively timed or addressed mailing.

For one client we removed well over 80k uncontactable records from their original mailing list – numbers like this can make a significant difference to ROI – just think over £16k was saved on postage alone!

Many of our other clients are regularly seeing suppressions hit over 5% on their customer data. How healthy is yours? For a free health check get in touch today.