Recent research shows that print is the most trusted form of advertising for customers. The results of a global survey provides an interesting insight into how print is viewed, preferred and trusted by consumers around the world.

When asked, 24% of consumers trusted the stories they read on social media, whilst 63% of all respondents believed print gave the deepest understanding of the story.

The survey also revealed consumers actually had a negative perception of online advertising:

  • 68% said they don’t pay attention to online ads
  • 62% find them annoying and usually not relevant
  • 57% do their best to block or avoid online ads.

Quite worrying really if that’s your main advertising channel.

Consumers don’t quite trust digital

Another study, this time from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, surveyed more than 700 consumers in 13 countries about their media usage and attitudes towards digital ads. The key findings showed 63% of people trusted ads in print magazines/newspapers compared to just 41% for TV and 25% for Internet. Almost 90% of respondents said they valued direct mail more than social media.  This lines up with the global survey cited earlier from Two Sides.

In summary then, research shows that consumers don’t quite trust digital ads as much as they do print. So with that in mind, why do businesses love digital marketing so much? One reason is obviously cost, then there’s the turnaround speed and the relative ease of getting going compared to traditional marketing channels.

Digital ads are still important 

You can’t deny that there’s a place for digital adverts of course, they add value to a marketing campaign. Just like print though they need to be highly targeted and data driven.

But at a time time when digital is top of every marketers list when planning a campaign, it’s worth noting that research from Royal Mail MarketReach also shows that 87% of people are encouraged to make online purchases after receiving direct mail. So when print and digital work together they’re a powerful combination!

Are you capitalising on consumers’ trust in print?

Although there’s plenty of budgets being spent on digital channels, consumers do have the highest trust in print and say advertisements in magazines and newspapers support their purchase decisions. So is it time to rekindle your love for print? We think so!

Research continually shows that printed marketing from direct mail, door drops to magazine ads and newspapers have a strong impact on buying decisions because they’re trusted more than any other channel. So if you’d like to chat through ideas that will boost your campaign’s ROI, get in touch with Gecko today!