The success of a campaign means different things to different people, but you can’t go far wrong if you focus on return on investment.

It’s no secret that personalised direct mail costs more per acquisition to say a more generic communication such as an email. But if you weigh up the return on investment for a strategic direct mail campaign, the numbers do work.

Measuring success

At Gecko we have a 20:20 promise, 20% uplift on your current marketing ROI or 20% of your investment back. This is based on nearly 20 years’ experience of improving direct marketing campaigns for our clients.

It’s a bold promise and exactly how do you measure the success of direct marketing?

Well you can start by looking at average response rates for direct mail, if it’s to cold data you would expect just 1% but to warm data this increases to around 4%. Not bad.

But we regularly see above average response rates, for example: 76% for Superbreak’s highly personalised direct mail campaign and 26% for Volkswagen’s high end personalised campaign from just 200 contacts. So how do you achieve such high response rates?

Achieving high response rates

To maximise your response rates, you need very clear, simple call to actions that jump out of the page and are measurable.

We’ve seen greatest success when we combine print with digital. Especially when the call to action is to visit a personalised web page with a memorable web address.

The beauty of a personalised web address linked to a direct mail is that you can track exactly who has visited and their next actions. Interestingly, Royal Mail MarketReach found 92% of people are driven to online or digital activity after receiving direct mail so if you can track them individually, you’re onto a winner.

Driving up ROI

Well we can’t give all our secrets away but there are a few things we know are guaranteed top get you the highest return for your direct mail campaigns:

  •         Clean data
  •         Deep understanding of your customers
  •         Highly personalised, relevant copy
  •         Signature written in blue
  •         Eye catching formats
  •         Clear call to actions  
  •         At least three touch points using multiple channels 

If you get the customer journey right and make the most of all your marketing channels, when you add direct mail to the mix your ROI will increase by a minimum of 12%. So how do we achieve that extra 8% to fulfill the 20:20 promise? Well that’s our secret formula. If you’d like to find out more give us a call.