A key part of any retention campaign is the reactivation program. Lapsed customers are a mine of often untapped potential – they’ve interacted with you in the past so you know way more about them than any acquisition leads and you also know they have brand awareness and a propensity to buy – so you don’t have to go through a full introduction process – you can go straight to the sales message.

The key to successful reactivation is utilising the information you hold on these prior customers to entice them to re-engage. Take our customer, Mecca Bingo, for example. We currently run three reactivation programs for them, each based on the type of customer (origin – online or “in club”) with recency, frequency and value as the key drivers.

The DM version, content, images and offers are determined by where the player joined, the location of their club, what’s available at their club, player behaviour and previous spend. Insight gathered in these lapsed customers allows Mecca to offer their previous players truly valuable offers making them much more likely to reactivate. We’re regularly seeing reactivation rates of over 25% as a result of this strategy!

The first step to launching a reactivation campaign is to therefore do a data audit. Understand what information you hold and how you can translate this insight into a properly targeted communication to make sure you are offering something of true value.

Be creative with your offers – test different messages to find out what works best and tier the value of your offer – identify your hot prospects within the reactivation file and make sure they get the best offer.

Finally – clean your file – it might sound simple but the reason for lapsing might be a house move, bereavement or a variety of other reasons. Make sure you complete a Data Health Check to make sure your file is clean – reduce wastage, and if a customer has moved, identify their new address and get in touch with them there.

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