Most businesses have a social media presence but not all of them use it to their advantage. In the B2C market it’s an open forum for customers to herald a brand or slate it. There are so many amazing examples of brands getting it right and going beyond the simple, ‘oh I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience.” 

Tesco’s response after a customer informed them on facebook
that they’d found a worm in one of their finest cucumbers is a firm favourite.The response wasn’t a big corporate apology, with a standard replacement product. Instead they wrote a poem that got over 26,000 likes.

Then there’s the DJ that boarded a train at Glasgow, heading to Sheffield without any food on board. After posting on Twitter, Dominos rose to the challenge and delivered a pizza to Doncaster station. And what about the couple in Birmingham that booked Virgin airline tickets to Las Vegas for a surprise birthday only to find out they’d booked them from Birmingham, Alabama? Virgin saved the day and social media went wild.  Earlier this month NYPD used to twitter to find the couple that lost their engagement ring down a grate shortly after the proposal in Central Park. They’d seen the event unfold on CCTV so went to help after the couple had gone. Oh it makes the heart glow.

So social media is a great customer relationship tool and a fantastic way to bring your brand values to life. Like everything though you must remember a few things when embarking on a social media strategy for customer service:

Be authentic – do it for the right reasons, not just to get coverage. Nobody likes fake news and it can be more damaging than doing nothing.

Be quick – people expect responses, fast. So it’s important to empower those handling your accounts so they can make decisions there and then. If you’re going to be helpful, be there instantly.

Be proactive – listen to your customers interactions on social media so you’re aware of all the issues then share the fixes proactively. If you spot trends of issues, write some FAQs or create some helpful videos and share it. Equally when there is some positive noise, respond and reward those closest to you.

Be mindful – humour and sarcasm can work wonders….for the right brands to the right people. So
be mindful of your brand values and the customer’s personality before you post.

Social media is a fantastic customer services tool and can
give you an amazing competitive advantage when used correctly. It provides huge opportunities to stand out and be remarkable.