The stats say 57% of people feel valued when they receive direct mail and 65% of customers say they’re likely to give mail their full attention, compared with 35% for email.

Those statements alone are impressive and when you think how bombarded we are with digital messages it makes sense. There is just too much noise!

It’s quite interesting to compare the amount of twitter content you read compared to 7 years ago. Same with Facebook.  Email can be a right stress too, I mean how many sales or marketing emails do you actually open let alone read? If it’s anything like us here at Gecko it’s not a lot – there’s simply too much.

But when the post arrives and something different lands on your desk or doormat you generally pick it up and open it – direct mail really does cut through the noise.

Be relevant

Not every piece of direct mail works of course, like the thoughtless type that you just chuck in the recycling before you open it.

But when you create relevant direct mail based on your understanding of the customer eg. choose the messages, images and offers you know will resonate, they will take the time to read it and respond.

Be personalised

Personalised direct mail has an astonishing 6.5% response rate compared to 2% on generic direct mail.  Now you have to be careful your personalisation doesn’t get creepy so use your data wisely. It’s all about relevance – think from the customer’s point of view and don’t just use data because you have it.  When we talk about personalisation, we’re not talking about just using people’s names we’re talking about using an image of their breed of dog on their pet insurance renewal or the drive time to your nearest location. If you have the data, personalised direct mail is a powerful way to cut through.

Be clever

Impact is key to cutting through, even the colour and size of the envelope makes a big difference. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy formats either, if your design and copy is clever,  people will take notice and share it around.

Now there’s no denying relevant, personalised direct mail can cost more than generic digital communications but the ROI is much stronger and when they’re used together, well, your response rates will soar!

If you’re looking for ways to improve the ROI of your marketing activity, personalised direct mail can help. Give us a call to find out more.