The growth of digital printing technology has brought technical advancements, creating more options, and exciting new capabilities to standard printing such as direct mail packs and marketing literature. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing and how those compare to traditional offset litho is critical in helping marketers make the right decisions and deliver better results for their customers.

Unfortunately some marketers and printers still don’t use digital print to its full potential and only deem it suitable for small print runs. Whilst digital is great for small volumes a printed piece can be created to be so much more effective….. Relevant and personalised communications across multiple channels will deliver a 20%-30% increase in ROI.

A printed piece of literature that is personalised and targeted to each recipient is more effective in getting a positive response. Including images, tones, messages and offers that are relevant to lifestyle or purchase history will deliver a higher return on investment. For example Birthday mailers are very suited to a high level of personalisation you can tailor it to male or female, perhaps a lifestyle shot of a family or couple and an offer for their favourite place to stay.

The beauty of digital print is that it gives you the flexibility to test the market with different versions against your existing marketing campaign, without the hefty set up costs of a litho print. We are that confident at Gecko that personalised print works we offered a free test for one of our clients against their current direct mail campaign – the results showed an uplift of over 19%!

If you require a direct mail campaign from only a handful to much larger volumes (upwards of 90,000!) then digital printing can be the most cost effective route to take. The key difference here is that digital presses don’t have expensive set up costs for plates and press making. This is also reduces the time it takes to print a marketing campaign making it “on demand” print.

Of course we know that when it comes to the really big runs that Litho is cheaper, but when we used digital on a huge run for a key client we found that the increased levels of personalisation delivered such significant improvements in ROI from the quality of response that they’ve never looked back.

As well as all the benefits already mentioned you don’t have the additional charges of warehouse space or excess stock – so you become greener too!