CUnderstanding your brand and its core values is one thing,
communicating it across all channels consistently is quite another. It’s not
easy. It takes time, is a huge effort BUT it pays off immensely.

By being consistent, your audience knows who you are and
what you stand for, much like a friend. Their expectations are met each time
they interact. This builds trust and a long term relationship. Your audience
knows each experience will be as positive as the last, so your brand is an easy
choice in a busy world.

So where do you

A clear brand proposition and values is a good place. Everyone in your business should know who you are and what you stand for, sothey can deliver a consistent message too. Agreeing on the simple things below anddocumenting these in clear, simple guidelines helps hugely.

  • Brand mission
  • Value propositions
  • USPs
  • Personality
  • Tone of voice
  • Logo placement
  • Iconography
  • Colour palette
  • Fonts and typography
  • Signage
  • Photography and graphics

Remember every marketer or designer has their own style that
creeps into their work no matter how hard they try. So help them, by being
crystal clear in your guidelines and firm when they veer off course. If you
ever sense inconsistency in the tiniest way, be sure your audience will too.

Controlling your brand to remain consistent is not the same
as being inflexible. Think about Virgin. They have a very clear brand that’s
diversified across many markets. You know that whether you’re on a train,
plane, watching TV or using their mobile phone you’ll have a new adventure.
They’ve adapted their brand to suit new markets but always stayed true to their
disruptive, adventurous core.

It all sounds so easy. But wait we have so many channels to
communicate through and such a diverse audience, how can it be possible?

  • Create strong guidelines that cover the usual
  • Get everyone inside onboard
  • Review everything from the obvious (website)
    through to little things (on hold music)
  • Develop templates along with your personality
  • Monitor closely
  • Review regularly

If you’re reading about brand consistency you’re half way
there, the fun bit is getting it right.