With the CES 2017 (Consumer Technology Association) closing at the weekend in Las Vegas, we thought it was time to blog about our new marketing automation technology, built right here in Yorkshire. Now it’s not going to compete with Amazon’s Alexa but it will certainly make your life easier!

Our code name for the software is ‘Project Vision’.

This clever tech automates not just marketing emails but Direct Mail and SMS. The roadmap includes social media channels too. So, from one central hub, you can automate all your communications with the press of button.

To have real customer engagement, brands need to communicate across all channels consistently and at the right time. This takes time and effort to do manually and it can be quite costly too. Especially if a client has multiple sites or operates a franchise model. We built the software to help and it really does.

One of our clients has many sites across the UK and ‘Project Vision’ allows them to control the brand seamlessly. The central marketing team sets the templates and the regional office can tailor the content to suit local needs, personalising the message and offer. When they press ‘go’, the email is sent and the Direct Mail is printed and posted from our production facility. The detailed, built in reports show a positive return on investment as it saves so much time and money.

We’re so excited about the impact it’s having on our clients, one said it was, “Life changing”.  And it’s not just the client that’s benefiting, the automation creates a seamless customer journey that keeps people engaged. And an engaged customer is a loyal customer so it makes sense to automate.

If you’d like to know more about Project Vision and how it could help you improve your customer engagement and retention rates, get in touch.