As marketing technology advances, the opportunities for making print more exciting and optimising your return even further is becoming more in demand. New developments in interactive print can take your print to a new level of personalisation, helping you to achieve greater results without spending a fortune.

“86% of people couldn’t live without their mobile phone” (DMA). People have mobile technology at their fingertips all day, every day and now you can combine it with print to take it one step further.

Interactive print

Interactive print can be incorporated into any printed campaign be it flyers, posters, banners, signage, door drops, direct mail… even clothing.

Instead of needing QR codes the technology recognises your print design (or any element within it) when scanned by a mobile phone. Our system then redirects the user to the relevant landing page or pURL which can in turn be jam packed full of time critical offers, and vouchers. From a customer point of view, all they have to do is download the app to their mobile, scan the image on the print and they’ve got instant access to extra offers! This is particularly clever in a POS environment where shoppers or event attendees can scan posters and t-shirts for extra benefits – you get the opportunity to collect more data and they get relevant offers to use!

Geo location and time collection tools

Gecko interactive incorporates geo location and time collection tools to identify where the user is when they scan the print, creating a unique customer journey which takes the consumer from print, to mobile, to web & relevant offers in the touch of a few buttons. As people use and reuse the technology the database builds to allow you to reflect known preferences and purchasing behaviour to increase offer relevancy further.

One of the key features of Gecko interactive print technology is that it can link into your existing mobile phone apps so that you’re not asking your customers to download additional software, and with Gecko interactive print data is 100% secure.

Make your print work harder

If you’d like to make your print mailings digitally savvy, drive engagement and provide your customers with a personal, responsive experience then please contact any member of the Gecko Sales team on 0113 391 0704