Imagine being able to create a fully personalised end-to-end experience for your customers, something that is totally unique and just for them – allowing you to reach out and interact with your customers in a more targeted and dynamic way. Here at Gecko HQ we are all about making communications personal, and a great way to do just that is with a pURL.

What is a pURL?

For those unfamiliar with the term pURL, this basically means “personalised URL” – a unique URL generated for each recipient of a communication that takes them to their own personalised mini-site.

pURL’s can be individually tailored based on data insights using offers, imagery, messages and product mix to reflect a customer’s preferences and previous behaviour, following seamlessly on from the personalised DM or email you’ve sent them.

Sound interesting? Well when you hear that studies have found that PURLs typically increase response rates by 50 to 100 percent, including a pURL in your DM, e-mail or SMS campaign suddenly becomes a real priority. You can engage with your customer, showing them offers and products relevant to them while boosting response rates at the same time!

If improving response rates isn’t enough to get you excited, then imagine being able to track who has visited their pURL and what they have looked at with real time, instant reporting meaning you can quickly respond to customers and build even more targeted and relevant campaigns. If you want to be really responsive, our system can be configured to send out an e-mail or SMS notification to acknowledge selections or actions.

Benefits of a pURL

There are many benefits to using pURLs, some of these include:

  • Improve response rates
  • Personalised web pages, specific to the individual – ensuring that the messages and offers are relevant and targeted
  • Track who has visited the site, and what they are looking at
  • Trigger additional communications, dependent on customer actions and viewing patterns
  • Real time, instant reporting of all activity
  • Generate valuable additional data by including data capture.

Interested in finding out more about pURLs?

See how we’ve integrated a pURL in a multi-channel strategy for Peninsula or get in touch for more details. We are happy to put together a free proposal for you and your business.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve – increased retention rates, higher value customers or attract new business, the key to our success is a clear, personalised customer journey. We work with you to understand your business strategy, objectives and of course your customers. Then we create a relevant customer journey and personalise every touchpoint to deliver maximum engagement at every step.