Marketing technology, also known as Marketing Automation, began with the adoption of a single software to send millions of emails at once.  This software replaced the traditional way of broadcasting emails that involved sending emails to a long list of email IDs individually.  Since then things have evolved, here at Gecko we create and deploy marketing platforms that help clients manage, automate and track marketing activity across multiple channels.

Reasons Marketers Use Marketing Technology

This advancement in marketing has been an important development – it’s safe to say it’s been a step change.  In this post we’ve taken a look at ways marketing automation can increase response rates for businesses:

1. Intelligence Gathering

Marketing technology has helped campaigns become much more focused, centralised and to maximise ROI.  Our systems here at Gecko help us and our clients make intelligent decisions on who to target, when to target and allow this to be done with relevant messaging.  By integrating this knowledge with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software brands can reach out to their potential clients or customers with ease.  Gecko’s client Peninsula employed a custom built platform from Gecko which drove a nearly 50% increase in attendees to their seminars. And the secret to this success? Intelligent use of information from the market place and targeting the relevant audience with personalised messaging.

Read the full case study here.

2. Increased Time Management

The use of marketing technology drives insight and clarity on marketing activities.  The systems created by Gecko’s unique technologies can easily help define and facilitate your strategy.  No longer does data or communications have to be manually handled, this is brilliantly demonstrated by Gecko’s implementation of marketing technology for The Claims Guys.  Automated data management, personalised unique print documents and over 120,000 documents mailed each week exemplifies the flexibility and capabilities of these systems.  By removing the legwork in campaign management, brands can devote more time to follow up leads and servicing live customers.

3. Increased Relevance

Marketing automation has brought more avenues for driving relevancy with customers for brands, thus providing a better service to previous years and giving them a competitive advantage when compared to their competitors.

By being able to create a clear picture of individuals through the use of marketing automation software, brands can create tailored and refined communications quickly and cost effectively that will resonate with the recipients.  By analysing data intelligently, marketing technology helps create relevant, personalised communications that will drive higher rates of engagement with your customers.

4. To do new things!

Here at Gecko, over the last few years we have seen incredible results from those clients that have implemented new technologies. What was previously impossible, can now be possible. The scale and speed of marketing technologies will only increase over time. If you’d like to know more about how Gecko can increase customer engagement using marketing automation, get in touch with us to improve your customer engagement today!