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Our Story

We’re on a mission. A drive to lift brands out of a world of meaningless communications and place them in an environment where their marketing is more personal and their campaigns are hyper relevant. We’re doing just that for our existing clients. So why not for you?


Our Values

Here at Gecko we live and breathe our core values: Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Accomplish, Tribe. Our values power the way we work.

We have a spirited culture where sharp ideas spark creativity and breed success. Our team is close knit. We work like a family and by supporting one another we accomplish great things.

We are professional through and through, but we achieve with a sense of purpose and fun.
We are a tribe. We are Gecko.


Our Services

We’ve won awards for our relevant, personalised direct communications that are guaranteed to improve your ROI by at least 20%.

We specialise in those areas we know will have the biggest impact on your bottom line: strategic communicationsdigital printdirect mail and marketing technology



An Post award winners

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Why us?

With nearly 20 years’ experience creating relevant, personalised direct communications for our clients, we’re experts at improving marketing ROI.

We’re so confident in our approach, we make our clients a promise: 20% improvement in ROI or 20% of your investment back.

Here’s how we keep the promise…

Our Senior Management Team

Chris Bottomley

Managing Director

Anthony Bagshaw

CEO and Founder

Management Team


We dream big

Client Services

Client Services

We’ll always find a way



We love complicated



We make it happen