G.EM rocks at automation

Our marketing platform, G.EM, is built around your needs. It automates your marketing campaigns across print, email and SMS.

And it links directly to your CRM system.

It’s a central place for you to manage all your communications and track the ROI – even for direct mail.

This gives ultimate brand and cost control to central marketing teams.

Built around your needs

Gecko marketing automation

Once we understand your business needs, we design a platform that’s tailored to your needs and work processes.

It’s fully branded too so everyone can work in an environment that’s familiar to them.

Businesses with in house print and fulfillment operations have been transformed since using G.EM. They’ve become more efficient and reduced resource costs substantially.


Complete brand control

Gecko marketing automation

With an inbuilt asset management system, G.EM gives central marketing teams complete brand control across multiple sites.

Regional teams or agents can create their own campaigns, using the templates and assets approved by central marketing teams. Rules can be set to give as much or as little freedom to adapt the template to local needs. This ensures brand consistency across all markets, on and offline.

Save time and costs

Gecko marketing automation

We build the marketing platform and the campaigns you wish to run across print, email and SMS.

Once we create all the templates and the full campaigns in the G.EM platform, a huge amount of time is saved on day to day marketing activities.

When it’s time for a campaign, it’s literally as simple as uploading data, clicking a few buttons, and personalising the copy. Then the campaign goes live.

With all print requests signed off centrally through G.EM and production going through our on site facility, you save costs too.


Track ROI instantly

Gecko marketing automation

It’s now very easy to prove the ROI of a direct mail campaign through G.EM.

By creating a personalised landing page in G.EM for each contact and using it as the main call to action on your direct mail, you can track their responses.

When they visit the landing page you’re notified instantly to see the action they have taken. This warm lead can then be contacted directly or sent one or a series of automated email messages.

With every step tracked and reported in G.EM, you can confidently prove the return on investment for your whole campaign.