Now the weather is finally starting to pick up (in the west anyway), thoughts are beginning to turn towards the summer holiday.  And with Brexit, a volatile economic climate and rising inflation, people are thinking more carefully about how and where they spend their hard-earned cash. We all look forward to a good old holiday, and let’s face it, at the moment, we all need one! So, it’s important we spend our money wisely. But how do you choose?

Our research* from January 2017 shows that 46% of people prefer to book their holiday online rather than through a travel agent. No surprise there. And 62% of people will stay loyal to a travel company if they had a positive experience. So how do you enhance your customer’s experience when you never actually meet them? Everyone can compete on price, but we think the companies that will stand out and build long term loyalty are those that add the little personal touches that take the stress out of travelling.

A good example of a company that does this very well is Eurocamp. They have 180 parcs across 11 European countries. With holidays ranging from a single two week break to a six-week extravaganza across different countries, they wanted a unique way to present their customers’ bookings. Something that was attractive, simple and added to the holiday experience. That’s when they came to Gecko.

We linked their reservation system to our automation software, G.EM. So, every time a booking was made, the individual customer data was matched to the relevant content and images for their particular holiday –  park details, local restaurants, time of year and things to do, you name it. This was then printed as a handy sized booklet between 16 and 48 pages long.  For those who don’t do paperwork, it was also available to download on their mobile phone. Here’s the booklet:


That’s not all, the images and content of the booklet also reflected the marital and family status of the customer so it was completely personalised to the customer’s holiday and life stage. The booklets told customers everything they needed to know about their holiday in a very relevant format.  As you can imagine, there were an unbelievable amount of variations of this one booklet (around 1,200)! And every step of the process was handled here at Gecko, with ultimate quality guaranteed at all times.

The booklets went down a treat with holidaymakers, everyone we’ve spoken to remembers them well. It took that little bit of stress out of the family holiday (no panicking about where to find the bits of paper or email confirmations) so it made a real difference. And the 32-page booklet helped increase customer loyalty, rebooking rates with Reevo were at 93%. An excellent result!

So, if you’re looking for some new ideas to add that personal touch to your holiday packages, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

*Gecko’s qualitative research on loyalty, surveyed 1000 UK adults in January 2017.