As part of our commitment to exceptional customer service here at Gecko, we are pleased to announce the installation of our new HP Indigo 12000.  As you can imagine, we are very excited about our new piece of kit here at Gecko HQ!  But how will this recent investment benefit you?


Our new machine delivers the superior print quality you would expect from a HP Indigo – smooth and sharp, it matches litho quality. As you would expect, it has the capability to personalise every item so you can tailor your communications to every individual.  By creating personalised, relevant communications, you engage your customers, increase your response rates and ROI.


You know that feeling when you get proofs and your corporate colours come out all wrong? Well this machine makes sure this never happens. Once we agree the exact shade you want on a tailored colour chart, we set the printer up so it knows the exact colour to print. Then at set intervals, the printer automatically checks the print matches the colour chart. If it doesn’t, it automatically adjusts itself. The best bit is, once we save your brand colours to how you like them, it doesn’t matter what artwork we receive, we will always print the correct colours. So this guarantees 100% consistency and accuracy on every job.


Our new Indigo press has a larger sheet size – B2 to be exact. So we can offer an even wider selection of print formats on more materials. If you would like to try out our new printer or chat about personalising your direct mail,  please get in touch.



A new room is built for the HP Indigo

HP indigo print room

The new printer arrives 

HP Indigo goes live


The happy handover from HP

HP and Gecko