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Gecko: The customer engagement agency

We help brands to build customer loyalty through highly personalised, relevant marketing. Our scientific approach to data fused with our creativity engages customers and keeps them coming back for more.


1: We treasure data

Unlike many creative agencies, we dig deep for data. We call this Geckowise. We do this because understanding our clients’ customers is the most valuable part of our creative process. Data is the crown jewels of ingredients; it reveals insights that open up a treasure trove of ideas to inform our successful personalised marketing campaigns.

  •  B2B / B2C data lists
  •  Data analytics & insights

2: All eyes on our creativity

Our creativity makes sure our clients’ customers are wowed by them, not just noticed. Our custom communications will let you proudly strut your stuff and positively promote your proposition. You get null for dull in today’s world of unlimited choice. But we dare to be different so your messaging will always fly.

  •  Design studio
  •  Digital print
  •  Print management

3: Up Close and Personal

When it comes to communicating with your customers, we know that the one size fits all approach just won’t do. It’s horses for courses, direct marketing with a difference. In other words, our contact strategy will help you talk to your customers in their own language. We use their preferred channels and communicate on their terms. This means they’re much more likely to talk back. And when they do, we’re ready to listen and track their responses, so you don’t have to.

  •  Digital marketing
  •  Direct marketing
  •  Loyalty programmes

4: Belt and Braces

Our automated marketing solutions deliver huge time and cost efficiencies. We know this because our reports and analysis tell us so. We leave nothing to chance; no stone unturned. We put our work through its paces to help you understand the exact return on your investment. We think you’ll agree: we certainly measure up. Our customer retention results are second to none.

  •  Marketing automation


More about us

We’re a customer engagement agency.

We treat our clients’ customers like royalty, not like they’re just a name or a number on a very long list. This is what builds brand loyalty and true customer advocacy. People like to shout about great experiences, especially when they arrive by post!

We’ve been driving brand loyalty through customer engagement for the last 18 years so we know what works. We specialise in direct marketing and we learn something new from every campaign. That’s why we can confidently say, we can improve the ROI on a client’s Direct Marketing campaign by 20-40%.