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Lets get personal
Lets get personal

We love... Personalisation

We LOVE personalisation; driving insights from data, getting really creative with the use of variable content, offers and images and then sending your communications via the right combination of channels to make them truly relevant. It all revolves around one thing – optimising engagement and response from your customers.

Automation & Marketing Control Systems

It’s something everyone’s talking about but we’ve been doing it for our clients for years. Whether it’s automated communications across DM, email, mobile & pURLs or managing your marketing materials to allow branches to personalise & order, we save you time and money so your campaigns are more profitable.

and... Data and Analysis

Get wise to your data and maximise its value. We’ll find all your ‘lookalike’ customers by combining clever customer profiling with our database of over 47 million individuals. Our powerful catchment mapping can show you where your customers and prospects live and we’ll analyse campaign performance to ensure we’re making the most of every penny you spend.

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We can send it to you in the post or via email. Select the bits you’re interested in and make it really useful. You can test our digital print & automation capabilities while you’re at it...

Find Out More

Find out more

If you want to find out more on the benefits of Automation and how it could help your business why not download our whitepaper?


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